Providing e-Cigarette exposure platforms to some of the most premier laboratories in the world. 

As researchers ourselves, we understand the skills and expertise required to precisely generate and measure various atmospheres. We continually strive for excellence and work hand and hand with our clients to help them understand and work through the various intricacies related to aerosol generation and exposure. 

K. Corbett M.S. is the founder and R&D Manager at e~Aerosols. He received his undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Rutgers University and his M.S. in Exposure Assessment from New York University’s Department of Environmental Medicine. His current work and research relates to inhalation exposure with a primary interest in electronic aerosol generation, alternate tobacco delivery systems, puff topography, in-vivo/vitro exposure, and aerosol physicochemical characterization. He has provided a number of solutions for many CRO, military, government, and university laboratories throughout the world.




T. Gordon PhD is a co-founder and Scientific Consultant for e~Aerosols. Dr. Gordon is also a Professor in the Department of Environmental Medicine at NYU School of Medicine. He received his undergraduate (physiology) and Masters (toxicology) degrees from the University of Michigan and a PhD (toxicology) from MIT. As a faculty member at NYU, he directs a number of research projects that study the underlying toxicity of inhaled particles and gases encountered in ambient and occupational environments. The majority of his current research focus is on the adverse health effects of size-fractionated ambient particles and nanoparticles. He has examined the pulmonary effects of numerous inhaled particles in cell and rodent test models as well as in human subjects in panel studies. Dr. Gordon has served as Chair of the Threshold Limit Value Committee of ACGIH, a committee that develops occupational exposure guidelines that protect workers’ health around the world. He is the co-director of the Department of Environmental Medicine’s inhalation exposure facility, one of the largest academic facilities of its kind in the U.S.



NYU Department of Environmental Medicine
Tuxedo, NY