e-Cigarette Aerosol Generators

Generate e-cigarette aerosols from most ENDS devices available, such as JUUL, SMOK, BLU, Puff Bar

Heat-Not-Burn, Dry Herb, Cannabis Aerosol Generators

Generate aerosols from devices designed for cannabis or Heat-Not-Burn

Whole Body e-Cigarette Exposure Platforms

Generate and record various parameters of e-Cigarette aerosol exposure.

Precision Aerosol Generation &  Measurement

The need for reliable, precise, and constant aerosol generation is imperative for your dose dependent endpoint or physicochemical analysis.

Stop relying on cheap, dangerous, and poorly made batteries and power supplies for your e-cig or vape studies.

Why introduce an easily avoidable variable that can skew your results by introducing unneeded bias and creating more work?

Need a new positive pressure STANDARD for repeatability across labs?

Stop using underperforming batteries for your studies.

3 port

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