Our Electronic Cigarette Aerosol Generator (ECAG) platforms are designed specifically for electronic cigarettes and all vape products from the ground up.

The patent pending system developed at NYU School of Medicine allows users to select operating temperature of the coil using a novel, positive pressure approach that utilizes conditioned and scrubbed, particle-free air for aerosol generation. All exposure puffing parameters are customizable and can be easily preprogrammed or set by the user.


User Customizable Parameters Include:

  • Exposure Duration Start/ Stop Time
  • Puff Duration
  • Puff Volume
  • Inter-puff Duration or break between puff
  • Cluster Puff Count
  • Inter-Cluster Duration or break between cluster
  • Operating voltage/wattage or coil temperature
  • Sensor activation - i.e. Motion, touch, sound
Standard 1, 3, 6, 12, and up to 30 port models are available.
The larger multi-Port models allow users to achieve high mass concentrations with up to 24-hrs* of automated continuous aerosol generation with no operator required. (*Puff Regime dependent)
Additional and custom port configurations available upon request.


Core Aerosol Generator of Harvard School of Public Health eCIG-EGS platform


Reduce Artifacts

This novel positive pressure system allows for a more accurate physicochemical characterization and delivery at the ENDS’ exhaust port, reducing aerosol aging, tube deposition, and eliminating artifacts that could be introduced from background air. Alternative devices that use negative pressure vacuum systems require aerosols to travel through pumps and additional hosing, ultimately affecting physicochemical characteristics.

Adjustable Voltage and Wattage

By providing constant power at each port, users can choose their own operating voltage for aerosol generation or choose to operate each e-cigarette with its own proprietary battery. An ohmmeter built into the unit allows the electrical resistance associated with each cartridge to be determined. The Ohmmeter also provides users a quick way to determine faulty e-cigarettes or degraded coils after use. The ECAG is able to simulate all standard e-cigarette batteries and voltages, thus allowing the study of voltage effects on aerosol production and composition and eliminating the need to use or recharge batteries during generation. Users can choose to study any particular puff desired, such as the first 10 puffs, middle, or last 10 puffs of an e-cigarette. The ECAG was designed to accommodate one piece disposable electronic cigarettes (i.e., cig-alikes), in addition to the refillable tank/clearomizer 2nd thru 4th generation devices. An optional sub-ohm high-volume upgrade is also available.

Heat-Not-Burn (IQOS) or JUUL

Additional upgrades include positive pressure aerosolization of heat-not-burn devices or JUUL pods.

Variable Aerosol Concentration

Precision Puff Profile
Square Wave


• Adjustable voltage of 2nd and 3rd/4th generations tanks/e-cigarettes
•  Precision positive pressure delivery at e-cigarette exhaust
• Full 360 degree angled generation
• Reduce aerosol resonance time
• Reduce tube deposition
• Undiluted aerosol generation
• Eliminate artifacts due to aerosol flow through vacuum pump
• HEPA and charcoal filtered carrier air
• Eliminate battery drain affecting voltage and aerosol production
• Eliminate the need to recharge batteries
• Multi-port models allow for continuous or high mass concentrations to be achieved
• Generate with different carrier gas i.e.. Argon, Nitrogen   (optional)
• Generate up to 24 hrs* of continuous aerosol with no operator required.   (30-Port Model/*Puff Regime Dependent)
• Optional Autoloading Capability
• Trigger puffs remotely using a touchpad or other transducer
• Data Acquisition Capability - Puff Count, Power/Voltage, coil Resistance
      • Sub-Ohm 400 W Capability (optional)                                     

Complete Nose Only & Whole-Body Exposure Platforms

  • 12, 16, or 18 port expandable modular platform

316 Stainless Steel or Aluminum


  • Small to Large scale inhalation studies
  • Up to 10 Mice or 5 Rats per cage
  • Expandable

Aerosol Monitoring, Sampling, & Measurement

  • In-line Sampling i.e. Filter holder, impinger, impactor
  • Atmospheric Monitoring for various aerosols i.e. solid, liquid, gas
  • Particle Measurement